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Art has fed my soul since I could first pick up a pencil; once I had graduated to watercolors and acrylics, there was no going back. 


Growing up on Long Island, studying at Lesley University College of Art and Design, and working for The Walt Disney World Company have each uniquely influenced my artistic style. I am thankful that each of these experiences have allowed me to grow as an artist and create lasting artistically inspired memories. Currently, I draw my inspiration from the beauty of flowers and plants as well as the beautiful Southern Maine landscape. Being surrounded by fellow creators has helped me to make time for what’s important, focus on new ideas and further develop my craft. Much of my work is also influenced by my love of pop culture and as some might say, my excessive knowledge of movies and music.


Amidst the negative and often dark world we currently exist within, I use my art as a source of light. Rather than trying to escape from reality entirely, I choose to portray my own reality through a rose-colored lens, showing that the world truly is still a beautiful place. My art is my platform; a safe space for my voice. 

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